Hobby Box Busters - Tlloyd007 eBay Hot Pack Scam Artist - Don't Fall Victim

Hobby Box Busters and Tlloyd007 are of the same company.  They claim to offer, "A Chance at High Valued Card at a Fraction of the Price."  What they actually provide is repackaged pre-searched packs with low value inserts placed in the card that they choose to put in the packs and reseal.  The video on the right is my story and the proof that they are scam artists in the Hot Pack Community and are stealing money from people on eBay on a daily basis.

This website is dedicated to my experience and the reviews of many others that exist on line in hopes of preventing others from falling victim to their lies in a industry that should be an enjoyable hobby, not one that preys on people's enjoyment of it and ripping them off.

Being a bit of a gambler I like to dabble in a few hot packs from time to time.  I have never had an issue and I have over 700 positive reviews in my 16 years on eBay.  Not one time did I ask for a refund on a product nor had a problem with a seller.  About a week ago I decided to take a flyer on a listing like the listing from Tlloyd007 on eBay below for a 2016 Topps Archives pack in hopes of pulling a desert shield, auto or insert: 
What Others Are Saying About Tlloyd007 and How he Treats Them
Without reading any reviews, I threw in a bid.  Bad mistake.  I have learned now the best thing to do is read the reviews and google the customers eBay handle or eBay store to get a feel for others experiences with the seller of hot packs as well as read any blogs or content that exists on line.before engaging with unscrupulous scam artist that ruin the card industry for those that enjoy to dabble. 

The video shows what I received and the rest of the site is dedicated to showing the sellers conversation towards me and chronicles the outcome of events that transpired after the purchase was completed and a request for a refund was made.

Please take the time to research this seller and read what others are saying about Hobby Box Busters and eBay handler Tlloyd007 to avoid this seller at all costs and being ripped off.